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Warframe Hydroid Build Guide

May 7, 2014

Hydroid is a medium caster frame whose powers are mostly damaging with some CC. He’s most useful for an emplaced or semi-emplaced mission like Survival or mobile defense. He’s not fast enough or damaging enough to rush exterminates or captures, but his powers all have some CC, which is very nice when you are in a difficult fight.

Aura: -, I recommend energy siphon.

Powers: Tempest Barrage is quite powerful for 25 energy. Tidal Surge is like a turbocharged Rhino Charge or Slash dash. Undertow is pretty good for some CC and giving you some breathing room. The Tentacle Swarm is pretty similar to Zephyr’s Tornado.

Polarities: V and -. For V use Intensify, – can be used for Constitution.

Nightmare/Corrupted: Constitution and maybe Blind rage. All of Hydroid’s powers use power strength, range, and duration, so you can’t really ignore any of the corrupted mod disadvantages.

Syndicate mods: Neither Curative Undertow nor Tidal Impunity are worth it. The healing is pretty slow (10% per second) and immunity from procs for a couple seconds just isn’t worth a mod slot.

Other mods: Stretch, Streamline, and Redirection. The last mod slot can be used for a defensive mod, Continuity, Flow, Fortitude, Rush, or pretty much anything you want.

Unpotatoed Build: Energy Siphon, Intensify, Constitution, Redirection, Rush, remaining points in Streamline.

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