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Warframe Mesa Build Guide

December 2, 2014

Mesa is a gunslinger Warframe. She is fairly fragile and has medium speed. Her abilities center around ranged combat, and she has passive bonuses of 20% faster reload speed for pistols, granting 1 m punch-through for sniper rifles, and additional ammo for bows. She also moves 20% faster while aiming than other Warframes.

Aura: V. I recommend Rifle Amp.

Powers: Ballistic battery is more trouble than it’s worth. Shooting Gallery combines Radial Disarm-light with a boost to your teammates’ damage. Shatter Shield is an improved version of Turbulence and will be good for high level Grineer content. Peacemaker looks like a good ability for dealing with sustained waves of enemies, such as in defense missions.

Polarities: Two -‘s. Constitution, Rush, and/or Streamline.

Corrupted/Nightmare Mods:
Range and duration have no effect on Peacemaker. Therefore, you can use Fleeting Expertise and Transient Fortitude with no drawbacks. Because of the huge efficiency gain from Fleeting Expertise, you can also use Blind Rage to maximize your damage.

Syndicate mods:
Ballistic Bullseye – Increases the status chance of those affected by Ballistic Battery, which is not a big enough change to be worth a mod slot.
Muzzle Flash – Makes Shooting Gallery emit a flash that Blinds enemies within 8 m for 7 seconds (fully ranked) before switching to another player. This is a nice boost, especially if you spam Shooting Gallery.

Other mods: Intensify, defensive mods.  All of Mesa’s powers benefit from power strength, and her low innate durability should be countered by Vitality, Redirection, Vigor, Fortitude, and/or Fast Deflection.  Her armor is too low for Steel Fiber to be worthwhile.

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