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Warframe Banshee Build Guide

April 28, 2014


Banshee is the queen of ranged combat. Sonar is a devastating power against high level enemies, since it multiplies your ranged damage by a factor of up to x10. Against low level enemies, Sonar is overkill, but her other abilities allow you to keep melee foes at bay while laying down a silent hail of gunfire. She isn’t particularly fast or durable, however, so keep her away from Infested and Grineer melee enemies.

Aura: Rifle amp to synergize with Sonar, Banshee’s best power.

Powers: Sonic boom is a great power to get melee enemies away from you quickly. It’s cheap and fast. Sonar increases your firepower dramatically, but only if you take the time to aim for the weak points. With maximized power strength, you can increase your firepower over 1,000%(!), so the effort is well worth it at high levels. Now that Sound Quake is toggleable, it is a good way to combine damage with CC over a fairly large area. You are not invulnerable during the animation, so if you start to take a lot of damage, get out of there.

Polarities: V V. Use Intensify and Blind Rage. No other V polarity mods are worthwhile.

Corrupted/Nightmare Mods: Blind Rage is good, especially if you have Fleeting expertise to counter the low efficiency. Banshee is rather frail, so Vigor is useful. Transient Fortitude is good since the only power it hurts is Silence. You don’t want to use Overextended unless you are going for a “Soundquake for CC only” build. It’s just too detrimental to all your other powers.

Syndicate mods:
Savage silence is not worth using, since finisher damage kills the target already almost all the time anyway.
Resonance is amazing and if you use Sonar at all, you should install it. Enemies’ bodies are quickly covered in several weak spots, making them trivially easy to hit.
Sonic Fracture is only worthwhile if you are doing high level stuff and aren’t running at least two Corrosive Projections. I’ve personally never used it.

Exilus Mods: Either Rush or a Parkour mod like Lightning Dash are fine.

Other Mods: You want Stretch to amplify the range on your powers. Since you are not invulnerable during Sound Quake, you want as many enemies as possible to be staggered. Other than that, Streamline, Transient Fortitude, Natural Talent, and defensive powers are good.

Unpotatoed Build: Rifle Amp, Intensify, Redirection, Streamline or Fleeting Expertise, Stretch, remaining points in Flow.

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