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Warframe Nova Build Guide

April 29, 2014


Nova is the ultimate glass cannon. Ridiculous attack power and mobility, no defensive capacity whatsoever. Keep her moving and keep killing quickly if you want to survive. Stay near teammates (as tempting as it is to rush ahead) because you’ll need them to revive you from time to time.

Aura: Any – is fine. I normally use Energy Siphon.

Powers: Molecular Prime is the best ability in the game. It does ridiculous damage, slows enemies to half speed, and doubles damage to them. Wormhole is also good for mobility. Nova is probably the best Warframe to run for invasion missions because she is so fast and can just run through priming everything and grinding out those 5 missions in minimum time. The other two powers are decent, but not too impressive, so I don’t typically use them.

Polarities: V V. Use Intensify, Continuity, or Transient Fortitude.

Corrupted/Nightmare Mods: Constitution, Fortitude, and Vigor are all good options.

Fleeting expertise reduces the range of M. Prime, so it isn’t as amazing as it used to be. Blind rage might sound useful, but it’s really not worth the efficiency loss. Overextended reduces power strength which not only does less damage, but also speeds enemies up, which can be used to speed up Defense missions. Narrow minded expands the range of the priming effect, but reduces the explosion range, so it’s a tradeoff. I personally think continuity + constitution gives you enough priming range.

Syndicate mods:
Neutron Star allows you to detonate Null Star’s particles early. Normally they detonate quickly anyway, so I don’t think this mod is worthwhile.

Antimatter Absorb increases Antimatter Drop’s damage by enemy fire as well. I’ve never seen Antimatter Drop not kill every enemy hit by it. Presumably that happens, but it’s so rare that it’s not worth using a mod to increase Antimatter Drop’s damage.

Other Mods: Streamline, Flow, and defensive mods. Nova is a good choice for the Quick Thinking/Rage combo due to her large energy reserves and frailty.

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  1. dm2255 permalink
    June 25, 2014 10:51 am

    I would have to disagree with many mods here as they are all good but if you are posting the best set up then they simply do not do the trick.

    For the ultimate set up from my experience you will need to forma 3 times at least but may need to forma a few more times upgrade all the mods to max.

    Energy Syphon seems the most useful of the aura’s for her but use what you like(you will need to change the polarity for the below build.
    1.molecular Prime is the only ability you need unless you are in a rush type misssion in which case you will need to sacrifice a mod to bring it along.
    2. vigor
    3. Redirection
    4 Streamline or Fleeting Expertise
    5 Flow
    7Quick Thinking

    Rage and quick thinking are a must since you are soo squishy, these along with Sentinal
    Coolant Leak, Guardian, Sanctuary, Sacrifice(if lucky enough to have it)

    The last one is up to you but these are a few I would suggest depending on mission or goal.
    8Blind Rage or Intensify
    If using streamline go for intensify if using fleeting expertise use blind rage

    • Aracnod permalink
      June 25, 2014 12:08 pm

      aura-energy syphon or what ever you want may have to change polarity to make this work.
      forma 5 times (if you plan on maxing all mods)
      use the 2 Attack and one power that comes standard,
      you will need to change 3 powers obviously.
      use 3 Def and 2 Tactical polaritys.

      1. Molecular Prime
      5Quick Thinking
      9Blind Rage/Intensity
      10Fleeting Expertise/Alt

      Alt. Worm Hole,Intensity,Constitution,Fortitude, Fast Deflection,Stretch

      Blind rage, Fleeting Expertise, Equilibrium would be the mods I change out if wanting to use other mods. For survivability I would never Change Redirection,Vigor,Quick Thinking,Rage,Flow these mods go along way together in terms of making her harder to kill which is huge with how “squishy” she is.I also agree with the above about sentinal mods to that go a long way in her survivability, Guardian is a must.

      this is my build however I have not fully upgraded all the mods and am only 4 formas in and working on it.

      I also suggest a quick primary weapon instead of something slow like a sniper or bow. this is because of the way molecular prime works. i use Latron Prime

      With this build I have out survived when the other three in party went down at the same time from Vor’s attacks on T4(several ocassions). And Was able to bring all three back without dieing myself. This was because of Guardian working, and rage and quick thinking with a large energy pool from Flow.

      If you have something better I would like to know.

      • June 26, 2014 8:33 am

        These are both pretty badass. I was mostly thinking of unformaed builds.

  2. Knuckledust permalink
    November 19, 2015 2:15 pm

    Great guide. I appreciate your practicality as well. Thanks.


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