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Warframe Nekros Build Guide

April 29, 2014


The primary purpose of Nekros is Desecrate, either for Survival missions or to farm mods and materials more effectively. He is not a solo frame because of his frailty and poor offensive abilities, but he is able to support a squad nicely.

Aura: Energy Siphon.

Powers: Desecrate is the most important because it keeps your team supplied with ammo, energy, health, materials, and life support. Terrify is good when you are overwhelmed to buy yourself some time. Soul Punch is a decent quick damage ability. Shadows of the Dead is good both for attack and to draw aggro.

Polarities: V and D. D can be used for Redirection or Vigor. There’s really nothing great for the V polarity. Maybe Continuity to counteract Fleeting Expertise, or Intensify to counter overextended.

Corrupted/Nightmare Mods: Overextended and Fleeting expertise. Perhaps Constitution if you don’t use Handspring. Vigor if you want to be a bit tankier.

Syndicate mods:
Soul Survivor – Soul punch revives your allies. Between Shadows of the Dead and Terrify, Nekros isn’t that bad at reviving allies. Furthermore, Nekros is likely to be the most fragile Warframe in the party, so it’s not really your role to revive people.

Despoil – At maximum efficiency, this causes Desecrate to cost 12.5 health instead of 18.75 energy. Nekros has twice as much health as he does energy and Vitality is going to give you much more of a boost than Flow, and even Primed Flow. Furthermore, Desecrate is more likely to spawn health orbs than energy orbs. If you don’t mind the added risk of dying, this mod is a solid boost to Desecrate, just be sure to equip a high level Vitality.

Other Mods: Stretch is critical. Your Desecrate range needs to be as good or better than your allies’ ults because you only have a couple seconds to desecrate. You must stick near the main casters: Nova, Ember, Mag, etc. Streamline is also very important. A Nekros can generally produce more energy orbs than he needs to Desecrate again, but if you get disrupted, you want to minimize the time until you get Desecrate back online. Natural Talent is also useful to reduce the time spent desecrating and raising the dead.

Other Builds: “Pure Desecrate” build: Overextended, Fleeting Expertise, Streamline (partially ranked), Stretch, Natural talent, (assorted defensive mods).

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