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Warframe Mirage Build Guide

July 29, 2014


Mirage is a fast, fragile, offensive frame, whose powers are themed around illusion and disco.

Aura: Energy Siphon

Powers: All of her powers are decent, although slight of hand is a bit gimmicky. Hall of Mirrors is probably the best since it combines both offense and defense.

Polarities: D and V. Redirection and Intensify, as most of Mirage’s powers are improved by power strength.

Corrupted/Nightmare Mods: Constitution is good because she is so fragile and all of her abilities are improved by additional duration. Fortitude would also help avoid getting knocked down and recovering your shields quickly. Vigor will improve her survivability.

Syndicate mods:
Hall of Malevolence increases damage for every enemy killed while using Hall of Mirrors. It’s worthwhile if you use Hall of Mirrors a lot.
Total Eclipse – Allows you to grant the Eclipse bonuses to your allies. Only worthwhile if you can convince your teammates to stand near you when you use it.

Other Mods: Streamline (efficiency), and durability mods are your best options after the mods listed above. She’s fast enough that you don’t need a Rush mod. If you have extra slots, Continuity would be ok too.

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