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Warframe Limbo Build Guide

November 12, 2014


Limbo is a medium speed, fragile caster Warframe. His powers mesh well with one another, but none of them are particularly overwhelming by themselves.

Aura: -: Use Energy Siphon. Limbo has poor base stats, so you need to be using a lot of powers to get the most out of him.

Powers: Banish sends an enemy or ally to the Rift Plane. This would be good for doorway heroes on your team in defenses and mobile defenses who refuse to protect the pod. It would also be useful if you’re being overwhelmed and you want to take an eximus out quickly. Rift walk is good to get out of a sticky situation quickly. Rift Surge increases the damage to enemies in the Rift, which is good for high level missions.

Polarities: 2 Vs. Use Intensify and Blind Rage. Duration is worthwhile to offset Fleeting expertise, but by itself leads to durations that seem too long.

Corrupted/Nightmare Mods: I recommend Fleeting Expertise. Vigor is not a bad option if Redirection doesn’t cut it.

Syndicate Mods: Haven is not worth using because only trolls use Banish on allies. Being healed does not make not being able to damage enemies or pick up items any less annoying. Rift Torrent isn’t powerful enough to be worth it, since Rift Surge already adds 200% (+power strength), so another 20% per enemy isn’t going to be noticeable.

Other Mods: Efficiency is crucial to keep spamming powers. Limbo’s frailty could be countered by Redirection, Vitality, Vigor, or Fortitude. He’s fairly slow, so if you’re not ‘coptering, Rush might help. Flow is useful for more energy. Natural talent is good for Limbo since his powers take a long time to cast. I use Stretch to increase the area of Cataclysm.

Other Builds: “Ult Spam” – Swap continuity for Blind Rage. Add Streamline. This build relies on the burst damage from Cataclysm’s initial damage and fleeting expertise to reduce the duration by enough that you can reuse it often.

Unpotatoed Build: Energy Siphon, Intensify, Stretch, Redirection, Streamline or Fleeting Expertise, remaining points in Vitality. Use Continuity if you used Fleeting Expertise.

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  1. Haiyai permalink
    January 13, 2015 7:52 pm

    Ok so your understanding of what needs to be prioritized is a little screwy on limbo. For a defense build duration is important as is reducing your range. 6 Marks on narrow minded gets the bubble small enough to cover a void cryopod without exposing it at the end. 7 marks maybe better, haven’t tried it yet. Power strength is important but honestly since power strength is gonna be used for rift surge primarily you are better off taking rift torrent augment over Intensify as its technically adding 10% power strength per enemy. 3 enemies in a cataclysm is equal to an intensify, so anymore than 3 is gonna be a net bonus. Fleeting expertise can be dropped since it lower duration in exchange for power efficiency and since being in limbo grants 2 energy/sec stacking with energy siphon you really shouldn’t need more than streamline in most cases. rush is absolutely terrible on him as you can copter in some form or another faster than you can run with rush so its a wasted slot. You also don’t really need any defense mods as the only thing that should be hurting you if you are playing limbo right is toxic eximus. Also banishing teammates is important in certain cases such as Mesa because abilities work through being banished so you can have an invincible mesa who is using .5 energy a sec slaughtering everything within 50m.

    If you go ult spam then yeah maximize power strength and range while lower duration as low as possible for fastest recasts.

    On the subjects of aura’s you really don’t need an energy siphon due to the innate energy regen of being in limbo (which you should be almost constantly) You can help a team out far more by taking a corrosive projection if fighting grineer or shield disruption if fighting corpus. Energy siphon is something i only take when fighting the infested.

    • January 13, 2015 8:05 pm

      Thank you for your detailed response. More so than any other frame, I don’t really “get” Limbo, and I did not enjoy leveling him. I will try out your advice and update the article in the next couple days.

  2. Thing6969 permalink
    March 22, 2015 9:20 pm

    My Limbo build has almost no duration and just has a load of efficiency and power strength, i can get a spammable catclysm and with enough power strenght to take out a group of enemies on T4, it becomes more of a damafing AOE, it’s very usefull

    • March 23, 2015 11:59 am

      When I was levelling Limbo, I used Fleeting Expertise alone most of the time. The mechanics worked differently then I’ll have to revisit Limbo sometime and tweak the build a bit I think.


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