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Warframe Ember Build Guide

April 28, 2014


Ember is a purely offensive caster frame. She rivals Nova in sheer damage output and against Infested, is utterly devastating. If you have fire damage on your weapons, accelerant can boost your weapon DPS to astronomical levels. She is not fast or durable, however, and so does not fare well against ranged enemies.

Rifle Amp. Ember is too fragile to rely on a melee buffing aura. Energy Siphon isn’t a bad option either despite the lower mod points.

The best power is World on Fire, followed by Accelerant. The other two just add more offensive firepower.

Normal Ember has two – polarities, and Ember Prime has a V and a D polarity. With the – polarities, I would use Constitution, Stretch, and/or Streamline. With the V and the D, I would use Redirection and Intensify.

Corrupted/Nightmare Mods
I just use Constitution. Fleeting expertise and Transient Fortitude are not useful because Ember’s powers rely on Duration. Without Fleeting Expertise, adding Blind Rage makes your powers too costly. Power range is too important to use Narrow Minded, and Power strength is too important to use Overextended. While Fortitude might seem good, Ember’s main opponent, Infested, have many attacks which bypass shields, so you’re better off sticking to Handspring or Constitution to deal with knockdowns.

Syndicate mods
I would not recommend Fireball Frenzy since you have to hit your ally exactly with the fireball for it to have any effect. Fire Fright is useful because it gives Ember some crowd control. You could use it on an Infested defense mission to slow the enemies down near the pod, or to shut down a critical pathway. Firequake gives Ember a more mobile option for CC, so I’d definitely recommend it for any non-defense missions.

Other Mods
Rush/defense mods perhaps. If you have a normal Ember, you want Intensify even without the polarity slot.

Unpotatoed Build
Normal Ember: Rifle Amp, Streamline, Constitution, Redirection, Stretch, remaining points in Intensify.

Ember Prime: Rifle Amp, Continuity, Intensify, Redirection, Streamline, Stretch, remaining points in Vitality.

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