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Warframe Trinity Build Guide

April 30, 2014

Trinity build normal
This is what I use for normal missions. You can use all abilities just fine. You need to get Blessing to at least 150% power strength for the maximum 75% damage reduction. Anything above that helps other abilities, but isn’t that useful. You don’t want to cripple your range for energy vampire if you want to help teamates. If you need to keep your teammates charged over a larger radius, you can always drop Augur Message for Stretch and/or use Cunning Drift in the Exilus slot.

Trinity build eidolon
I’m not an expert Eidolon hunter, so take this build with a grain of salt, but basically it revolves around always being able to drop Blessing because of the maximized efficiency. I run two Arcane nullifiers to eliminate the chance of getting hit by the Eidolon’s magnetic wave attack. Everything else is pretty balanced, although the Blessings don’t last particularly long (15.7 seconds).

Trinity build blessing
My Blessing build involves using Narrow Minded to get a very long lasting Blessing (30.6 s) at the cost of range. Blessing is not affected by range, so it does not matter, but Energy Vampire is. This build basically means that your team isn’t going to get much from your Energy Vampires unless they are paying attention and close. Likewise, Link isn’t going to be very effective either. There are some uses for this build, but mostly I use the “Normal” build above.

Trinity is a healer and semi-tank frame.

Aura: Either Rejuvenation or Corrosive Projection.

Powers: Link redirects most of the damage done to Trinity (including self damage) to the 3 closest enemies. It increases Trinity’s survivability as well as giving her some much needed offensive firepower. Energy Vampire is good for recharging your energy reserves. Blessing isn’t as good as it once was, but still isn’t a bad power for increasing your team’s durability if you time it right.

Polarities: Two D polarities. Redirection, Narrow Minded, and Quick thinking are all good choices.

Corrupted/Nightmare mods: Constitution for more duration. For energy vampire, range and strength are important, so use Transient Fortitude and Overextended (see below for more on an EV build).

Other mods: Streamline, Continuity, Natural Talent, Rage + Quick Thinking, Flow.

Syndiate Mods:
Pool of Life causes enemies to release energy and health orbs on death. Not particularly useful as Well of Life, Blessing and Energy Vampire already provide your team with enough energy and health.

Ablating Link reduces the armor of enemies connected to it. Only useful at high level when armor scaling is a big deal.

Other Builds: Energy Vampire is quite useful in this patch, especially for defenses and interception. To get the most out of energy vampire, you need to maximize range, minimize duration, and have decent power strength and efficiency. This means putting on Fleeting expertise, overextended, blind rage, transient fortitude, streamline, stretch, and intensify. To grind Grineer interceptions, use Corrosive projection instead of Rejuvenation.

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