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Warframe Chroma Build Guide

August 12, 2015

Chroma is a durable elemental based warframe whose abilities change based on the energy color used.

Heat: red, magenta, brown, orange and bright yellow
Electric: blue and purple
Toxic: green, lime, teal and dark yellow
Cold: white, grey, black, and some faded colors

The Ice Elemental Ward/Vex Armor (EW/VA) build is the strongest against Grineer, Corpus, and in the Void. The other major build is the Fire/Effigy build, which is really good against Infested.

Aura: V: Rifle amp for EW/VA and Steel Charge for Effigy

Spectral Scream does a moderate amount of AOE damage over a small area, however you can’t use any weapons while using it. At low levels, it’s probably fine, but it will quickly get outclassed if you have a good weapon.

Elemental Ward creates and aura with various buffs depending on the element used:
Heat: Buffs health, deals damage
Electric: Buffs shields, Reflects damage back to enemies as lightning
Toxin: Buffs reload speed and holster rate, does AOE Toxin Damage
Cold: Buffs armor, reflects damage and reduces attacker’s movement speed and attack rate. Melee damage is not reflected.

This power is quite complicated, so I’d recommend going to the wiki and reading that if you plan on using Chroma a lot.

Vex Armor: Increases Chroma’s armor when shields are hit and damage when health is hit. Because of this power, many people don’t run Redirection.

Effigy: Creates a flying copy of Chroma that goes around Spectral Screaming everything.

Polarities: V and -. For V, use Transient Fortitude for VA/EW build or Blind Rage for the Effigy build, and Streamline on the – polarity.

Power Strength: Intensify, Transient Fortitude, Blind Rage (Effigy),
Duration: (Primed) Continuity, Narrow Minded (both only for EW/VA armor build)
Efficiency: Streamline, (Fleeting Expertise Effigy build only)
Steel Fiber
Redirection (Effigy), or Vigor (EW/VA)

You can replace Streamline with Flow, or Continuity with Constitution if you like.

Syndicate/Augment Mods:
Afterburn – Adds additional damage upon ability deactivation. Not particularly useful.

Vexing Retaliation – Taking shield damage will trigger a puncture proc on nearby enemies, taking health damage will trigger a blast proc. If you don’t some of the rarer mods in the build above, it might be worth playing with. I don’t think I’ll use it.

Utility Mods: Elementally appropriate parkour mod.

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