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Warframe Loki Build Guide

April 28, 2014


Loki is very good for rescue and capture missions. He is the fastest frame in the game and his invisibility lasts long enough to do some serious damage or escape even the trickiest situation. He is extremely fragile and has no offensive abilities, however, and so can be a challenge to play. Used properly, however, he is among the most powerful Warframes.

Aura: Energy Siphon. You do not want to be visible and out of energy.

Powers: All of them are good; Invisibility is the best. Use a decoy to get the enemies to group up where you can kill them with your melee, as well as pull some aggro away from your teammates. Switch Teleport is good for mobility, especially used in conjunction with decoy. Radial disarm reduces enemies’ attack power and helps force them to clump up where they are easy prey for an invisa-Loki with an Orthos Prime.

Polarities: D and V. You can use D for either narrow minded or redirection. The V should be used for Continuity. Power strength does not help Loki.

Corrupted/Nightmare Mods: Narrow Minded and Constitution help duration. That’s really it though.

Syndicate Mods:
Safeguard Switch – Even fully ranked, it’s only about 5 seconds of invulnerability. I mostly use Switch Teleport with my decoy, or to corral wandering teammates on Defense missions, so it wouldn’t help me much.

Irradiating Disarm – Disarmed enemies are already pretty helpless, and they aren’t going to kill each other quickly with the stun prods. Even so, if you are doing a Disarm build it might be worth it.

Other Mods: Streamline and some defense mods. You don’t need Rush, but I use Loki when I’m just trying to get through missions as fast as possible, so it shows up a lot in my builds. My approach to Loki is – get all of duration and all the efficiency you can. A visible Loki is a dead Loki.

Alternate Builds:
Container Rush: Swap out Radial Disarm and Constitution for Master Thief and Loot Radar.

Radial Disarm/Efficiency Build: Add Fleeting expertise (two from the top) and Overextended, remove Continuity and Rush. This does not have a very long Invisibility, but you make up for it with power efficiency and the ability to use all your other powers a lot more.

New Player Build
You want to focus on duration and durability at first. Try to rank Redirection and Vitality up to at least rank 2 using other D polarity mods and fusion cores. The more durability you can get the better, because Loki is very fragile by default. If you can get a hold of a Streamline, Continuity, or Constitution mod, great. Once you are mastery rank 2, you can trade for those three mods, but don’t pay more than 5 platinum each for them.

Unpotatoed build: Energy Siphon, Continuity, Redirection, Streamline, Constitution, remaining points in Vitality.

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