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Warframe Saryn Build Guide

April 30, 2014


Saryn has a solid array of offensive powers and has among the best passive defensive stats in the game. Saryn does not require any special build to be effective.

Aura: D, I use Rejuvenation, but any aura is fine.

Powers: Venom does a fair bit of damage if you are willing to go through the trouble of shooting the pustules it creates. I like Molt, but it’s too expensive to spam. Contagion is decent, but if you want to buff melee, Ash or Loki are better options. Miasma is very quick to cast and is overall one of the best AOE ultimates in the game.

Polarities: D and -. D can be used for Vigor or Redirection. Saryn has a lot of health and armor base. The – can be used for Rush of any of the – power mods.

Corrupted/Nightmare mods: Feel free to use Blind Rage instead of Intensify if you need some extra power. Fleeting expertise is good, as long as you offset some of the duration reduction with Constitution or Continuity.

Other mods: Rush is nice because Saryn is pretty slow to start with. Other than that, Streamline, Stretch, and defensive mods.  Because her powers are expensive, and her aura polarity is D (so no energy siphon), I like to get her efficiency very high.

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