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Warframe Saryn Build Guide

April 30, 2014

Saryn ESO.png

Saryn has a solid array of offensive powers and has solid passive defensive stats.

Aura: D, I use Physique, but any aura is fine. The spores strip armor, so unlike most Warframes, Corrosive Projection is not necessary at high levels. I use Zenurik for energy. If you don’t have Zenurik’s Energizing Dash unlocked, you can use Energy Siphon, although Saryn’s base aura polarity is Vazarin (D).

Base Build:
You need durability to survive at high levels. Saryn’s base durability is fine for Star Chart missions, but if you want to do Arbitrations or ESO, you’ll need to tank better. I recommend Steel Fiber and Vitality, and if you want more, you can use Adaptation or Regenerative Molt. Many other people recommend Regenerative Molt as a core mod, but I use Magus Elevate for healing (Repair is good too, but I don’t have it fully upgraded yet), which gives you comparable healing without using a mod slot.

The most important ability stat is range. When your spores spread, the bigger the radius, the more new enemies will be infected. The more enemies you infect, the faster the damage growth will be. In ESO, you want to try to keep the number of infected at 30+ as much as you can.

A bit of duration is nice for Toxic Lash, but not necessary or high priority. I don’t continually run Toxic Lash, especially at lower levels, so if you don’t plan on using it, you can use duration as a dump stat.

Power strength increasing the damage from all of your abilities, so at first you’d think you need a lot of it. However, once an enemy gets a spore on them, they will die eventually. The slower enemies die, the more the damage of the spores tick up before they do, so the spore damage doesn’t really suffer that much from low strength. 90% strikes a good balance for me. I’ve tried 40% and I’ve tried 200%, and honestly it all works, so just play around with how much strength you think you can give up. You can substitute Blind Rage for Transient Fortitude if you want more strength and duration.

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