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Warframe Mag Build Guide

April 28, 2014

warframe mag.png

Aura: I use Rifle Amp, or you could do Corrosive Projection. Mag has a number of ways to strip armor though, so it’s not really worth formaing her to get a – polarity for CP.

Powers: Pull is the workhorse power for Mag. Use it every time you see a group of enemies. Bullet attractor helps increase DPS against tougher enemies. Shield polarize is good for the Void and for Hijack missions where you need to keep your allies’ shields up. Crush is a standard AOE ultimate with a bit of CC during the casting animation. With Fracturing Crush, it becomes a good way to strip armor off high level enemies.

Polarities: V and -. Use V for Intensify and – for either Streamline, Fleeting Expertise, Stretch, or Rush.

Corrupted/Nightmare Mods: Fleeting Expertise or Blind Rage are good.

Greedy Pull – Not particularly useful, especially if you have a companion with Vacuum.
Magnitized Discharge – Not worth a mod slot.
Counter Pulse – Not worth a mod slot.
Fracturing Crush – Worth using if you’re going to high levels (50+) and aren’t running a party with at least 3 CPs.

Other Mods: You need a little bit of efficiency and good power strength and range. Adjust your defensive mods depending on how high of a level you’re going to and your party comp.

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