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Warframe Nyx Build Guide

April 29, 2014

The thing driving this build is that power strength and duration don’t matter. This is basically a 3 mod build – Fleeting Expertise, Overextended, and Redirection.

Nyx excels at extremely high level combat (50+) because she can turn enemies’ strength against them. At lower levels, her abilities are underwhelming compared to other frames which can deal direct damage.

Aura: Any aura is fine. Corrosive Projection is the best option in general for high level stuff.

Mind Control turns a single enemy to allied and makes them invulnerable for the duration. At the end of the duration they take all of the accumulated damage. Very useful for CCing troublesome Eximii.

Psychic Bolts is an underwhelming direct damage ability.

Chaos stuns all enemies in a huge radius and then makes them fight one another. It’s one of the top 5 abilities in the game. The only drawback is the “power in use” issue. For this reason, I would always use a maxed fleeting expertise for the duration reduction. You want to cast this ability as often as possible.

Absorb is fantastic now that you can cancel it whenever you like. Anytime you are surrounded and in trouble, just pop Absorb and watch your enemies destroy themselves. It is cheap too, costing only 25 energy + 7 per second. With Fleeting Expertise, it’s practically free.

Polarities: V and -. Use V for Intensify if you use Absorb and Psychic Bolts, otherwise, leave it blank. The – polarity could be used for Fleeting Expertise, Streamline or Stretch.

Corrupted/Nightmare mods: Fleeting Expertise makes Nyx much better. Not just because of the efficiency, but because of the reduced duration. Overextended is a good option as well.

Syndicate Mods:
Pacifying Bolts adds a 10 second stun to Psychic Bolts. It’s a good augment to a mediocre power.

Mind Freak vastly increases the damage done by the mind controlled enemy. This power is a good option for players who prefer Mind Control to Chaos.

Chaos Sphere is a good option if you don’t run a minimum duration build, since enemies dying over time limits the usefulness of Chaos since it can’t be recast.

Other mods: Rush, Rage/Quick Thinking, Flow, Handspring, Natural Talent, or more defensive mods.

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