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Warframe Valkyr Build Guide

April 30, 2014


Valkyr is a very unusual Warframe. While her health and shields are very low, her Armor is the highest in the game. Her powers revolve around supporting melee attacks, and while very powerful in terms of DPS, they can be hard to use.

Aura: Steel charge. Valkyr revolves around melee, and you need to get it as powerful as possible.

Powers: Rip Line is very fun. It can be used for mobility, crowd control, or attack. Warcry is useful if your team is using a lot of melee or as a combo with Hysteria. Paralysis is cheap and great when you are surrounded. Hysteria is powerful, but it can be annoying not be able to use your guns. The invulnerability aspect helps when you are out of time in Survival or when you are fighting extremely powerful enemies.

Polarities: Two Vs. Rage, Intensify, or Continuity.

Other Mods: I’d recommend Fleeting expertise, comboed with Continuity or Constitution so your duration doesn’t get too short. Valkyr requires Steel Fiber and Vitality to be durable, although Redirection is not necessary. Valkyr would be a good choice for the melee assistance mods: Parry, Reflex Guard, etc. Armored Agility is a good option as well.

Utility Mod: Rush for closing to melee range as quickly as possible.

Augment Mods:
Swing Line – After using Rip Line, the next 4 are free if used while airborne. Probably not worth it except for fun.
Eternal War – Warcry’s duration increased by 2 seconds per melee kill. Not worthwhile because Warcry already has a pretty long duration.
Prolonged Paralysis – Enemies pulled toward Valkyr and stunned longer. Useful in certain situations.
Hysterical Fixation – PvP only. Decreases initial duration of Hysteria, but adds 5 seconds per kill.

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