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Warframe Vauban Build Guide

April 30, 2014


Vauban is an engineer/grenadier frame. He is the most fragile Warframe and should not be placed in harm’s way if possible. Fortunately, his powers are ideally suited to stand back from combat and keep the enemy incapacitated.

Aura: Energy Siphon. You want to be able to drop Bastille or Vortex in an emergency, and so can’t afford to run out of energy.

Powers: Tesla is great to drop anywhere you know there will be enemies for a long time. Bastille is arguably the best crowd control ability in the game. With stretch and continuity, you can lock down whole areas for an extended period of time. Vortex combines the crowd control of Bastille with a damage over time effect. It is great for dropping on the pod during defense missions to suck and kill any melee enemies. Bounce is mostly good for trolling, so I don’t really use it much. Sometimes there are tricks you can do which are pretty cool. It’s very situational.

Polarities: V and -. V can be used for Continuity or Intensify, – can be used for Constitution, Stretch, or Streamline. Intensify increases the number of enemies held by Bastille, in addition to damage from Tesla and Vortex.

Corrupted/Nightmare Mods: None of the nightmare mods are worth their various downsides. I use Constitution for the duration and to recover quickly from knockdowns, which can easily be fatal for poor Vauban. Vigor is not as good as Redirection thanks to Vauban’s terrible armor rating. Rely on your shields, not your health. When shields run out, drop a Bastille and head for cover.

Other mods: Flow is great, if you can afford the mod points. There’s nothing quite like dropping a few Vortexes and then covering them with Tesla grenades and watching a horde of enemies just get shredded.

Forma advice: Get rid of one power polarity in exchange for a D polarity, which can be used for Redirection or Narrow Minded. Bounce is totally unnecessary.

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