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Warframe Zephyr Build Guide

April 30, 2014

Warframe zephyr build.png

Zephyr is a tank/crowd control frame with high mobility.

Aura: Any. Her aura is D, but neither of the D polarity auras are particularly good. Rejuvenation is the better of the two.

Powers: Tail Wind allows for fantastic mobility and is second only to Nova’s Worm Hole for getting you where you want to go quickly. Dive Bomb is a decent attack power, but I don’t use it much because it’s fairly hard to set up properly. Turbulence makes you incredibly resilient in the face of enemy fire. Tornado is a great way to crowd control a large number of enemies quickly, even though it doesn’t do a whole lot of damage. It unfortunately has a habit of scattering loot drops, but that might get fixed in a future update.

Polarities: V and -. V could be used for intensify or Continuity, – can be used for pretty much anything. Rush, Streamline, Constitution, Fortitude, and Heavy Impact are all good options.

Nightmare/Corrupted: Constitution is the only one I use. Too many powers rely on duration to use Fleeting expertise, Blind rage isn’t worth the efficiency loss without Fleeting expertise to counter it, and overextended isn’t worth the power strength reduction. Narrow minded instead of Continuity would be a decent option. The tornadoes will wander away from the summoning radius, but if you want them to spawn right on top of enemies, you don’t want to reduce range too much.

Exilus Mods: Any is fine. Rush, parkour, or aviator are all good options.

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