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Warframe Oberon Build Guide

April 29, 2014


Oberon is a balanced Warframe, having some offensive and some support/healing abilities.

Aura: Any aura is fine. I use Rifle amp because Oberon doesn’t seem like a melee frame to me.

Polarities: V V. You could use Continuity and Intensify for non-Corrupted build, or Intensify and Blind Rage for maximum attack power.

Powers: Smite is a cheap direct damage power. Hallowed Ground is useful for defense missions or if there is a corridor enemies are funneling down. Renewal is decent, but if you are using Reckoning fairly often, there should be enough health orbs around to keep your team healed up anyway. Reckoning is a great AOE ultimate, since it does a large amount of damage and spawns plenty of health orbs.

Corrupted/Nightmare Mods: Any of the Nightmare mods would be pretty good for Oberon. For Corrupted, Fleeting Expertise reduces the duration of Hallowed Ground, but is otherwise quite good. Blind Rage is good to increase his attack power.

Other mods: Oberon is medium speed so doesn’t need Rush, but I prefer to move quickly so I use it. Defense mods never hurt. Constitution isn’t worthwhile since the only power which uses duration is Hallowed Ground, so Fortitude or Vigor are better choices. Since there will be tons of Health orbs sitting around, Equilibrium is a good option as well. Transient Fortitude and Fleeting Expertise are good, especially if you don’t use Hallowed Ground.

Other builds: If you want to go with a Corrupted build, drop Hallowed Ground and replace Continuity with Blind Rage, and Streamline with Fleeting Expertise. If you want to maintain good power efficiency, you could take out Rush and use Streamline. Otherwise, you could use Fortitude or some other defensive mod.

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