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Warframe Excalibur Build Guide

April 28, 2014


Javelin Build – Mods below plus Transient Fortitude

Excalibur is a balanced frame with a variety of offensive and defensive abilities.

Aura: Either Steel Charge or Rifle Amp are fine for the aura. If you are focusing on Radial Blind/Melee, go with Steel Charge.

Polarities: Use the V polarity for Intensify and the D polarity for Redirection. The second V polarity on Excalibur Prime is not that useful (as shown above), because I don’t think the additional power strength is worth the efficiency reduction from Blind Rage. Maybe you could use Continuity.

Corrupted/Nightmare Mods: Vigor and Constitution are pretty good. None of the Corrupted mods are worth using, except maybe Blind Rage. There is no aspect you can really afford to cripple.

Syndicate mods: Neither Surging Dash nor Furious Javelin are worthwhile, since the bonuses they give aren’t worth the mod slot. If you drop a Radial Javelin, most of the enemies near you will be dead anyway, so a melee bonus doesn’t help you much.

Other mods: Streamline (more Slash Dashes!), Stretch, Rush, and defensive mods. Excalibur is fairly flexible, so don’t worry about the particular mods.

Other builds:
Recently, Radial Javelin has received a rather large buff. To maximize your Radial Javelin, add Blind Rage, Intensify, Fleeting Expertise, Transient Fortitude (not shown), Streamline, Natural Talent, and Stretch. This will allow you to use frequent, large, incredibly powerful Javelins. Unfortunately, the duration reduction reduces the effectiveness of Radial Blind and Slash Dash. This build is insanely good for Infested invasion missions.

Unpotatoed Build: Steel Charge, Redirection, Intensify, Stretch, Fleeting Expertise or Streamline, Rush, remaining points in Vitality.

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