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Warframe Volt Build Guide

April 30, 2014

Volt is a fast, offensive frame, good for rushing and killing enemies quickly.

Aura: Any is fine. I use either Energy Siphon or Rifle amp.

Powers: Shock is very powerful and can be used similarly to Mag’s Pull. Use it on any clump of enemies you don’t feel like shooting. Speed is great power for rushing, either when grinding out Void missions for Prime parts, running Invasion missions, or doing repetative boss runs. One Volt in a party will significantly reduce the time spent in mission.

Electric shield is helpful against bosses and challenging groups of enemies since it increases both your offense and defense simultaneously. Overload is a pretty standard AOE DOT ultimate.

Polarities: V and -. Use V for Intensify and – for either Streamline or Rush.

Nightmare/Corrupted: Fortitude helps avoid knockdowns and improves shield recharge, which speeds you up, and allows Volt to recharge his massive shields quickly. Perhaps use Vigor if you want more durability. Constitution might be a good option if you want more duration.

Other mods: Rush, Continuity, and Efficiency all help with Speed. Intensify helps with Shock and Overload. Volt has very high shields, so Redirection is the best choice for a defensive mod. Fortitude and Streamline are also useful.

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