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Assorted Links

April 24, 2014

1. Piaget stages of development. Fascinating videos of children’s perceptions of the physical world.

2. Russians like authoritarian governments.

3. NYPDs Twitter outreach backfires.

4. Reawakening extinct species.

Assorted Links

April 17, 2014

1. China cracks down on anarcho-communists. Hypocritical, sure, but not any different from what the U.S. government would do if confronted with an anarcho-capitalist group.

2. TC on Putin. Some good links.

3. Commentary on calls to cancel Colbert. The culture of shut up.

4. America is oligargish. Chomsky comments.

The Best Weapons in Warframe

April 16, 2014

Current as of Update 13.
The event weapons are generally good, but I will exclude them since you don’t really decide to get them or not based on a guide.

Primary – The top 5 DPS weapons are the Boltor Prime, the Latron Prime, the Soma, the Synapse, and the Penta. The Latron Prime is the easiest “top-tier” weapon to get. The rest require high mastery rank, or rare Prime parts. If you have a clan, the Ignis is also a great weapon for taking out massive hordes of weak enemies.

For new players, the Burston is the highest damaging mastery rank 0, non-Prime weapon.

Bows – The Paris Prime and the Dread do a ton of damage, but most of it consists of massive overkill. If you want to do 30k damage in one headshot, these are the weapons for you, but for run of the mill power gaming, I’d give them a pass. They are quite fun to use though.

Shotguns – The Boar Prime and the Phage are the highest DPS shotguns. The disadvantage of the Boar Prime is poor ammo economy. The disadvantage of the Phage is it’s wacky aiming mode. The Boar Prime does not require any clan research and has a lower mastery rank (2).

Secondary – The Brakk is the king of DPS in Warframe. It does twice the damage of the next best weapon. The disadvantage of it is that if you didn’t pick it up in the event, you have to find and defeat the Grustrag Three, who are a bit of a challenge. The Akbolto, the Marelok, and the Akvasto are also very good. The Stug does a ton of damage, but it is hard to hit with it and you have to wait for the explosion to get the full damage.

For brand new players, the Aklex is probably the best sidearm, since you can just buy two Lexes for 50,000 credits each and stick them together with a single orokin cell. With the higher fire rate and massive puncture damage, they will help you get through Earth.

Melee – None of the mastery rank 0 weapons are particularly impressive. Get the Skana to 30, and then the Cronus to 30, and you should be well on your way to mastery rank 3. The Orthos is my favorite Mastery rank 2 weapon. For high end players, the Glaive Prime, the Orthos Prime, the Dual Ichor (Berzerker build), and the Dragon Nikana are the best weapons. The Jat Kittag is also powerful and fun.

If there’s a weapon that you think should be here, feel free to let me know in the comments!

The Wiki
DPS calculator for guns

Chelsea Beatrix Oswald

April 15, 2014

On March 22, 2014, my daughter was born. I have not been blogging much as a direct consequence, although to be honest, I was losing my steam anyway. I feel like I’ve written pretty much everything I’ve wanted to. I haven’t been studying economics much in the last year or two. I’ve concluded my study of macro and have settled on Market Monetarism. Eventually, I think I may take up new academic studies eventually, perhaps in another field, such as history or do more political science. As of right now, taking care of a newborn provides me with all the activities I feel I need.

Blogging has been very rewarding to me. Over the years, I’ve accumulated over a hundred thousand views, which is mind boggling to me. I may still write an article or two from time to time, but for the most part, I think my blogging is over for now. Thanks for reading.


Assorted Links

March 12, 2014

1. Minimum wage, maximum folly. I am eternally chagrined by minimum wage’s advocates steadfast refusal to examine the downside of minimum wage. I’d be fine if someone were to argue “the disemployment effects are outweighed by the higher income”, but no one says that. It’s just a parade of people saying “There are no downsides to this policy, and you are heartless for thinking there are.” Basic income is superior. Negative income taxes are superior. There are alternatives.

2. Home Colleging. I don’t think this idea has “come”, but it is interesting.

3. 11 Jobs that used to exist. Jobs are not scarce. Finding jobs that are productive at current wages is the problem.

4. How pronunciation errors shaped English. Orange also used to have a N.

5. Poking the Bear. Dan Carlin on the Ukraine.

Bonus: Drones and warfare.

Assorted Links

February 25, 2014

1. House of Cards is quite popular in China.

2. Alex Tabarrok on social change and the moral high ground. Tyler responds.

3. Can you figure out the rule? A fun and interesting math puzzle video.

4. Whole Foods and anti-science.

The #1 Investment Mistake Most People Make

February 20, 2014

… is paying someone to manage your investments.

1. The average stock trader can’t beat the average return. This is tautologically true; that’s what the average means.
2. There are many, many professional stock traders, many of whom wield portfolios measuring in the billions. This is an empirical fact, which is easily verifiable.
3. The best stock traders charge extremely high fees. John Paulson made $5 billion in fees in 2010. Every dollar earned by traders is one dollar less earned by the portfolio under management.

Two things follow from these propositions. First, if you are an amateur stock trader, you won’t beat the market, except by luck. Simply put, there are tens of thousands of people who do this for a living and when professionals go head to head with amateurs, the amateurs usually lose. Second, a large number of professional stock traders will not beat the average market return. To wit, 49.999999% of them won’t. Third, after accounting for fees, almost no one beats the average market return. From a casual investor paying a mediocre stock broker 1% to manage their portfolio to the hardcore wealthy paying 20% to a hedge fund, they will all lose compared to an index fund. Not only can’t you pick stocks which will beat the market, you can’t even pick mutual funds or hedge funds which can beat the market.

Read this article. Investing is not about being smart. In 1994, Long Term Capital Management was founded with two economics Nobel prize winners. They were bankrupt in a mere 4 years, because they were wrong about the EMH.


If you are not a professional financier, do not waste your time buying individual stocks or other investment vehicles. Anyone telling you to buy XYZ Stock is trying to scam you, nothing more nothing less. If they truly thought the stock would go up, why aren’t they buying it themselves? The truth is anyone spending their time telling other people what to buy is unwilling to put their money where their mouth is. If you really thought a stock was more valuable than its market price, you’d actually want other people not to buy it, because then you would be able to get it at a lower price. Don’t fall for an investment scam, and all investment advice is a scam.

More here.


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