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The Death Button

August 28, 2015

Suppose there were a button, which if you pushed it, you died.

Would it be appropriate to tell people not to push the button?
No, because you’d be supporting button death culture. It is oppressive to shame button pushers or be buttonpushophobic.

Would it be appropriate to say that the button pusher’s fault that they died?
No, because that’s victim blaming. It doesn’t matter what someone could have done to prevent something bad from happening, it is inappropriate to imply that people have any control whatsoever over their own fates.

Would it be appropriate to build a wall around the button to prevent people from pushing the button?
No, because we should instead teach the button that killing is wrong. We should write op-eds in newspapers about how much better the world would be without the button. We should hope and hope and hope that the button goes away, but never for a second consider getting rid the death button directly.

Perhaps the best response of all would be to make up stories of people dying because of the button so we can raise button death awareness. A Facebook infographic would also do the trick.

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