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Assorted Links

January 7, 2015

1. What neo-reaction doesn’t understand about democracy.
Key quote: “…controlling for economic and demographic variables, that democracies have similar government consumption, education spending, social spending, corporate tax rates, and payroll tax policies as nondemocracies. The only economic or social policy that the authors tested that significantly differed under democracy was income tax progressivity—democracies, it turns out, have flatter tax codes than do nondemocracies.” Neither neo-reactionaries nor pro-democracy people are going to like that one.

Star State Codex on Neo-reaction

2. Top 10 Marginal Revolution posts of 2014.

3. An entertaining rant about inefficiencies in the air force. Read the comments, which correct a few errors by the author.

Also, the Tragedy of the American Military. Very, very long (I read about half, but intend to finish it).

4. Sexism in Economics. Economics really doesn’t have many females, which is a pity.

5. The non-central fallacy.

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