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Warframe Itzal Build Guide

January 3, 2015

Itzal is a fragile support/stealth Archwing.

Blink – Teleports Itzal a short distance.

Penumbra – Makes Itzal and nearby allies invisible. This power is very useful for reviving allies or staying alive if you are overwhelmed.

Cosmic Crush – Sucks enemies together and then blasting them.

Fighter Escort – Deploys drones that attack enemies and explode when killed.

Either Rejuvenation, Corrosive projection (for Grineer), or Shield Disruption (for Corpus). If you intend to use mostly melee, use Steel Charge, otherwise Corrosive Projection seems to increase damage the most.

V, D -: V, D, -: Morphic Transformer (strength), Hyperion Thrusters (speed), and either Enhanced Durability or Superior Defenses.

Other mods
Start with Superior Defenses, Energy Inversion, and Hyperion Thrusters. Argon Plating and Enhanced Durability are optional since Itzal doesn’t have much health to start with. If you drop one of them, you can also add Power Efficiency (system rerouting). I also use Energy Amplifier (range), Auxiliary Power (Maximum energy), and Morphic Transformer (Strength). Range is probably the most useful of the power augmentation mods.

Note: The Warframe you use and mods you put on that Warframe do not affect Archwing, except for the Aura.

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