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Warframe Archwing Weapon Build Guide

January 2, 2015

Instead of breaking it down by faction and weapon type, I’m going to put everything in one article.


The base damage and multishot mods for Arch-Guns are significantly worse than the non-Archwing variants.  However, the elemental mods are better, and with infinite ammo, fire rate mods are better too, despite having lower percentages.  The build order is:

1: Elemental (see below for which element to use for which faction)

2: Base damage – Because base damage is multiplicative, it’s still slightly better to have one elemental and base damage (x3.52 base DPS) than two elementals (x3.4 base DPS).

3:  2nd elemental

< end of non-potatoed build >

4: 3rd Elemental – Automatic trigger does slightly more, but costs 15 mod points instead of 9, so isn’t worth it while levelling

5: Fire Rate or multishot – Multishot does less damage, but you run out of ammo more slowly.

6: Fire rate or multishot (the one you didn’t pick before)

7-8 (Forma builds):  Either crit build or 4th elemental and magazine capacity, depending on the weapon.

Gun Crit builds

The 4th elemental adds 26%.  The amount a crit build adds depends on the base stats of the weapon.

If the base crit stats are 10% with a x2 multiplier, the crit build adds 29.6% damage and so it is slightly better than the single elemental mod, but it’s two mods instead of just one.  If the base critical percent is 15%, the bonus is 44.4%, and if it is 25%, the bonus is a whopping 74% making a crit build even better than multishot and fire rate mods.

If you are using a potatoed build, I recommend a crit build for every archwing weapon with a base crit percent over 10%.  Currently, only the Imperator does not benefit from a crit build.


The Arch-Melee elemental and damage mods are just as good as those for Arch-Gun.  The crit mods are ever better.

Build order:

1: Elemental

2: Damage

3: 2nd Elemental

4-5: Crit builds for weapons which benefit from it (see below)

6: 3rd elemental

7: 4th elemental

8: Furor

9: Status/Event mods

Melee Crit builds

The Arch-Melee crit mods and base percents are very good.  Use a crit build for any Arch-Melee weapon with a base crit percent of 15% or more.  Centaur and Rathbone gain more than 100% DPS boost from a crit build.  Onorix gains 66%, which is worthwhile, but not required, especially if you don’t have Tempered Blade maxed out.  The Veritux is not worth doing a crit build on.

Faction Weaknesses

All Grineer archwing enemies have Ferrite armor.  Therefore, corrosive is the best damage type, instead of radiation for standard Grineer troups.

1 Element: Toxin

2 Elements: Corrosive (Toxin + Electricity)

3 Elements: Corrosive and heat.

4 Elements: Corrosive and Heat. Blast does weakened damage to Ferrite (-25%),  If you have extra points, it’s not terrible though.

The Corpus have Drones and Rangers.  Drones have Robotic health, Sheids, and Ferrite armor. Rangers have Shields and Flesh health.  Like non-Archwing Corpus, Magnetic damage is the best because it gets a 75% bonus against shields and no penalties against the other health types.  In addition to Magnetic, use Toxin, which bypasses shields and provides a slight bonus against Flesh and Ferrite armor.

1 Element: Toxin

2 Elements: Magnetic (Cold + Electricity)

3 Elements: Magnetic + Toxin

4 Elements: Magnetic + Toxin.  Avoid Gas if you can.

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