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War Thunder Tiering and Match Making

August 14, 2014

War Thunder has had a problem with match making since I started playing and it has gotten worse nearly every patch.  Currently, the game uses “Battle Ranks” from 1.0 for 1930’s biplanes to around 8 (for Korean War era jets).  Plane’s BR is based partially on performance and partially on average player performance in the plane.  This is problematic because inexperienced players tend to gravitate toward specific planes, which then become undertiered, and planes which are good when using new player tactics (good at head ons and turning) become overtiered.

A perfect storm in the overtiered direction are the Japanese Zeros.  They are iconic planes which have good firepower and turning ability.  In the other direction, you have the P 47s which are difficult to use well, but are unstoppable in the hands of a good pilot. The A6M2, introduced in July 1940 is now tiered 0.7 higher than the P-47, introduced in late 1943.  Indeed, the A6M2 is tiered so high that you can’t get into matches with Hellcats, which historically outperformed the Zero dramatically.

On the other hand, some historic matchups would be frustrating to play because they were so lopsided.  Late war U.S. vs Japan and the early stages of Operation Barbarossa spring to mind.  With historic KDRs of 20+, no one would want to fly the losing side.  I would propose having historical matchups, but basing the rewards on the relative difficulty of the planes killed.  Right now, if you shoot down a biplane with a jet, you get the same reward as shooting down another jet.  It might be fun to play P-51s against Me 262s, but only if you got a really good reward for shooting down a jet in a prop.  Similarly, it would be fine to face Bf 109Fs against Russian LaGGs and I-16s so long as the reward rate was good enough.

My proposed system:
At 34% upgraded, planes get +1. At 67% upgraded, planes get +2. Pilots in the top 25% get a flat +1, but an additional 25% reward rate. Pilots in the top 10% get a flat +2 to all their planes, but get an additional 50% reward rate. Currently, good pilots get uptiered into battles against superior planes, but get nothing to compensate them for their troubles. This would encourage people to try their best, but at the same time, even out the matchups a bit. Players should be made aware of their entry into these categories.

1: Reserve Aircraft and the low rank light bombers (Kingfishers, Swordfish, and F1M2). Basically where BR 1.0 is right now.
2: Slightly upgraded biplane versions and basic monoplanes: F2A-1, P 36A Cr42, G 50s, He 112 A, I 15 bis, I 153 (fix the flight model), Gladiators, A5M4, D3A1.
3: Early War: P 36C, F2A-3, PBYs, MC 200, MC 202, He 112 B, Bf 109 E1, Ju 87 B, LaGG 3-11, I 16, BB-1, SB, Hurricane Mk 1, Blenheim, Beaufort, Ki 43, A6M2N, B5N2, Early Ki 45s, H6K4
4: 1940/Battle of Britain era – P36 G, F4F, P 40, SBD, A 20G, Bf 109 E3, Bf 110, Ju 87 D, Ju 88, He 111, Do 217 early models, SM 79, Mig 3, Lagg 3, Su 2, Il-2, Pe 3/Early, Ar-2, Yak 7B, Yak 1B, Hurricane Mk IIB, Spit Mk 1, Spit Mk 2, Beaufigher Mk VI, Wellington Mk 1, A6M2, Ki 61-1 ko and otsu, Late Ki 45s, G4M1
5: Early War: P-39, P 38G, TBF Avenger, F6F, Bf 109 F1 and 2, Fw 190 A-1, Ju 87 Ds and Gs, Yak 9T/K (fix flight model), La 5, Pe-3/Late, Pe 2, IL 2M, IL 4, Typhoon Ia, Spitfire Mk 5, Beaufighter Mk X and 21, Wellington Mk 3 and X, A6M3, Hi 61-1-hei, Ki 102, Ki 49, Maybe a Ki 84 early model.
6: Mid War: P 38 L, P 63, F4U 1a-1d, B 25, PBJ, B 109 F4, G2, Fw 190 A5, Do 217 N, Me 410 early, Hs 129, I-185, Yak 3, La 5F and FN, Spit 9s, Typhoon 1b/L, Mosquitos, Lancaster, Ki 84, A6M5, G5N1
7: Late War: P 51, P 47, B 17, F4U 1c, Bf 109 G10 and K3, Fw 190 A/F8 and D, Me 410 late, Do 217 late models, La 7, Yak 9P-UT, IL 10, Tu 2, Tempest Mk V, Spitfire 16 and LF Mk 9, Late model Lancasters, N1K, G8N1, B7A2
8: Late War Jets and Post war Props: Bearcats, F 82, P 80A, B 29, Me 262, He 162, Ta 152, Me 163, Arado, La 9, Yak 15, Mig 9, IL 10 (1946), Spitfire Griffon, Meteor F Mk 3, Vampire, Tempest Mk 2, Ki 200
9: Korean Jets: All post 1946 jets.

Maybe add a tenth category and shove it in with 4-6, which are currently too crowded. I’m not enough of a historian to say exactly where everything should fall, but those categories look about right to me.

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  1. A Democrat permalink
    November 25, 2014 6:27 pm

    Gayjin is Russian, thus everything must be geared to make the ruskies look good. They even deny the crimes of Communism, so no much hope of them being open to talking things like this proposed new system, esp. with “outsiders” like their own players…

    • November 26, 2014 9:16 am

      With the exception of a few planes, I don’t think the Russians are very undertiered at the moment. They may be historically undertiered, but at the same time, Russian planes were inferior to contemporary German and American planes, so it balances out. I think the Americans are the worst offenders these days, especially at the mid tiers.

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