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Warframe Best Weapon Builds

August 11, 2014

Current with Update 14.1.

Weapon builds vary due to the Nightmare mods and differences between the power level of various weapon mods. Faction builds only change because of the primary weaknesses of that faction.

Rifle Build:
Base Damage (Serration)
Multishot (Split Chamber)
1st Elemental
– End unpotatoed build –
3 more elemental mods
Speed Trigger

For crit builds replace one elemental and Speed Trigger with Point Strike and Vital Sense.

Shotgun Build:
Base Damage
1 Elemental
– End unpotatoed build –
1 Elemental
Ammo Stock
Shotgun Spazz

No shotguns use a crit build.

Pistol Build
Base Damage (Hornet Strike)
Multishot (Barrel Diffusion)
1 Elemental
– End unpotatoed build –
Lethal Torrent
2 Elementals
Ice Storm

No pistols use a crit build.

Melee build
Base Damage (Pressure Point)
Attack Speed (Fury)
1 Elemental
– End unpotatoed build –
Spoiled Strike
2 more Elementals
Killing Blow (for channeling builds only)
Focus Energy (channeling builds)

For crit builds – Use Berzerker, True Steel, Organ Shatter instead of channeling mods and 1 elemental.

Grineer: Use Radiation (Heat + Electricity) for Heavies, Viral (Cold + Toxin) for light units, 3rd Elemental: Cold
Corpus: Magnetic (Cold + electricity), 3rd elemental: Heat
Infested: Corrostive (Toxin + Electricity), 3rd elemental: Heat
Void: Corrosive(Toxin + Electricity), 3rd Elemental: Cold

If you have more than 3 elemental slots, you can use a status dual mod to avoid getting an elemental combo which works against the target enemy type.

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  1. Sertorius permalink
    August 30, 2014 8:36 am

    Why not spoiled strike for melee?

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