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War Thunder Premium Plane Guide

July 17, 2014

Premium planes are the best way to spend your golden eagles. They are permanent, unlike premium account time, and can help you grind out a large number of other planes. They also earn twice as much money for kills that non-premium planes do.

Premium planes gain a bonus when researching other planes up to one tier above their rank. The best rank for premium planes is 3 because you’ll be able to unlock all the way up to tier 4 with them, but they are not overpriced. It took me a year of playing War Thunder to get to tier 5, and by that time, you can decide for yourself if you want to buy a tier 4 premium plane to unlock jets or if you want to use Talismans or premium time.


The best U.S. premium plane is the BTD. It spawns at bomber altitude and carries a decent bomb load, yet also packs 2 20mm cannons and is decently maneuverable. You can use it to protect other bombers on your team, kill enemy bombers, and rack up ground kills as well.


The P-47 is the best option. It’s a great boom and zoomer and ground attack aircraft. The Germans don’t really have many options for premium planes, so you might want to consider using a talisman instead. Personally, I put a talisman on my Bf 109 G6. If you’re going to use a talisman you should put it on a Tier 4, so you can grind out jets without having to pay $30 for a tier 4 premium plane.


The Soviets get a lot of great options in the form of lend-lease planes. The P 63 is the best option for fighter pilots. Once you learn how to hit with the 37 mm, you can take down bombers in a single hit. It’s also good in the anti-fighter role. It’s a jack of all trades kind of plane. It’s not the fastest, the most maneuverable, or the best BnZer, but it’s good in all areas.

I’ve had a lot of fun flying the B-25, since you can do a ton of damage with its bomb load and you get 6 forward firing .50 cals, which can be used for head ons or strafing ground targets.


The Hellcat is the best British premium (1150 GE full price). It’s fast for its tier, and can BnZ or energy fight with the best of them. It also carries up to 2000 lbs of bombs and rockets if you want to do ground attack, and it’s reward rate is very good (200%).


The Japanese Pacific Campaign bundle gets you the Tier 4 A6M5 Ko Reisen and 850 Eagles for $12. That’s a good deal since most other tier 4 premiums cost 5,000 Eagles by themselves. The main problem with this is unless you fly historic, you’ll only have one decent plane in your lineup for a long time until you unlock other tier 4 planes.

The Japanese premium planes are mostly captured boom and zoom fighters. I would go with the Fw 190 because it synergizes well with Japanese teams in RB, it has fantastic firepower to get kills quickly in arcade, and it has a great reward rate.

Money makers
If you fly realistic or sim, any premium plane is enough to make money. For arcade players, I recommend having two premium planes of similar battle rating to maximize silver lion income. Personally, I use the Typhoon Mk Ib, the D 520, the Boomerang, and the Hellcat, but two of those planes are from starter packs (I got them in events). I think the best two planes that can be bought for Eagles are the B-25 and P-63 lend lease Soviet planes. Both planes are versatile, effective, and have good reward rates. With two premium planes, you can make 30-50k per match without too much trouble.

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