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Standardizing the Governments Font would Waste Money

May 2, 2014

The number ranges from 130 million to 250 million, but when compared with the total size of the Federal government (around 3 trillion), this is less than one hundredth of one percent. But the main problem is assuming a font change would be costless to implement on a bureaucracy that size. There would be compliance audits, mandatory training, all of the standard report templates would have to be changed, anytime someone mistakenly used the wrong font, the report would have to be reprinted, etc. The sheer effort of switching even the most minor aspects of office live across an organization like the government are staggering. You can’t just say “oh ink would cost less, so let me multiply that out.” And if you really want to go down that route, why stop there? Why not use 2 point font which is as thin as possible? Because it’s not legible. If Garamond were introduced, half the time people would probably just wind up using 14 point font and undoing the whole thing.

It’s not surprising that a 14 year old came up with this, in fact he’s probably a pretty bright kid. What is surprising is the sheer number of real newspapers who simply say “oh well there’s this kid who said something, it must be true.” I mean, I have pretty low expectations for the quality of traditional newpapers, but come on, this is pretty bad. At least the Washington Post didn’t let me down, but come on CNN.

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