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Assorted Links

March 12, 2014

1. Minimum wage, maximum folly. I am eternally chagrined by minimum wage’s advocates steadfast refusal to examine the downside of minimum wage. I’d be fine if someone were to argue “the disemployment effects are outweighed by the higher income”, but no one says that. It’s just a parade of people saying “There are no downsides to this policy, and you are heartless for thinking there are.” Basic income is superior. Negative income taxes are superior. There are alternatives.

2. Home Colleging. I don’t think this idea has “come”, but it is interesting.

3. 11 Jobs that used to exist. Jobs are not scarce. Finding jobs that are productive at current wages is the problem.

4. How pronunciation errors shaped English. Orange also used to have a N.

5. Poking the Bear. Dan Carlin on the Ukraine.

Bonus: Drones and warfare.

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