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Assorted Links

January 16, 2014

1. Daniel Ellsberg AMA highlights. Also, a story of the only journalist in the U.S. imprisoned for political speech.

2. The sum of all natural numbers is -1/12.

Kottke has been excellent recently. Click around when you get to his site.

3. FCC’s Net Neutrality Rule struck down. It probably needs to be a law and not an agency generated regulation.

4. Jimmy Kimmel on Obamacare. Both humorous and informative.

Bonus edition!

5. SMBC on the drug war. The only explanatory position which makes sense to me is simple hatred of drug users. Politicians are often drug users themselves, but go along with it to appease the voters and are accustomed to hypocrisy.

6. Little girls explain the worst haircut ever. I was laughing so hard I barely could breathe for the whole thing.

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