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Ain’t is a word.

January 15, 2014

Only those of you who follow my blog very closely know that linguistics is an interest of mine, but only when I’m annoyed. I suppose my German blood runs a bit too thick, but I believe that language, like everything else in the universe, should follow rules. That doesn’t mean that I think it does, only that is should.

Declension of “to be”
Person, Number
1st singular: I am
2nd singular: you are
3rd singular: he/she/it is
1st plural: we are
2nd plural: ya’ll are (either use thou, use ya’ll, or GTFO)
3rd plural: they are

Now add a not and use a contraction
Am not -> ain’t
are not -> aren’t
is not -> isn’t
(plural) are not -> aren’t

Now for whatever reason, the Gods of pedantry have decided that one declined version of a contraction isn’t a word (or is slang), but the others are. I’m ok with people saying “all contractions are slang, and thus not real words.” But don’t just pick one out of the line up for execution. Otherwise, I’m’n’t going to be happy.


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