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Warframe Damage 2.1, 2.2, 2.3…

December 13, 2013

UPDATE: This post is currently outdated. It was posted in Update 11.

If you just want to know the current percentages, go here:

Overall, I think Damage 2.0 is an improvement over Damage 1.0. In Damage 1.0, the only thing that mattered was armor piercing. Even Infested were weak against AP if you got to a high enough level. Throw on a few other elementals for various strengths, like cold vs. shields and for the slow, and you are good to go. Damage 2.0 changes that by making each faction weak against a different elemental. Even better would be to have various units within a faction weak against different elementals, but that is currently spotty. AP is no longer the only thing that matters, which makes non-armor ignoring weapons viable.

However, the damage types are not balanced, and they are being changed too frequently. Here are some tips for balancing a damage system:

1. No element should be good against everything. Each one should have some weakness.
2. No element should be better in every way than another element. There should always be tradeoffs. Currently, Electric > Radiation, Magnetic > Cold, Corrosive > Blast. Heck, almost everything is flat out better than blast right now.
3. Thematic damage types should be preserved between updates. Slash and Heat should be good against infested, since they were always good against infested. Toxic and Puncture should be good against Grineer. Cold should always be good against shields and electric should be good against Moas. Look, it’s been too long to change the intuition players have about which types are good against what enemies. New damage types can do whatever you like, fine, but don’t make people re-memorize enemy weaknesses.
4. All elements should have both strengths and weaknesses and they should sum to about the same total. Basic element types should not be as extreme as combined elements. 75% Strengths should be limited to combined, as should 50% weaknesses. Basic elements should have perhaps one +50% and one -25% each. Keep things simple. Combined damage types can be as wacky as you like, but that doesn’t mean just a heaping pile of weaknesses, like radiation or blast currently are. Who would pick that?
5. Single elements should have small bonuses and few or no weaknesses. Combined elements should have large bonuses, large weakness and offer tradeoffs against various enemies within a faction.

My Suggested Damage Bonuses/Weaknesses
Slash: +50% vs. Infested, +25% vs. Flesh, -25% against armor and robotic
Impact: +50% vs. shields, -25% vs. flesh
Puncture: +50% vs. armor, -25% vs. infested

Cold: +50% vs. Shields, -25% against armor.
Electric: +50% vs. Robotic, -25% against Infested.
Heat: +50% vs. Infested, +25% flesh, -25% vs. Shields and Armor.
Toxic: +50% vs. flesh, -25% vs robotic

Combined should combine the strengths and weaknesses of the basic elements.
Blast (Heat + Cold): +25% vs. Flesh, shields, and Infested, -50% vs. armor
Corrosive: +75% vs. Armor, -50% vs. shield
Gas (Heat+Toxin): +75% against infested, +50% vs. flesh, -50% vs. Shields and armor.
Viral (Toxin + Cold): +75% vs. Flesh, -50% vs. Robotic
Radiation (Heat + Electric): +50% vs. Robotic, +25% vs. shields, -50% vs. infested
Magnetic: +75% against shields, +50% vs. Robotic, -50% against flesh and infested.

Note: Each damage type sums to +25%. If you don’t agree with the exact percentages, fine, but they should be balanced.

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