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Warframe Orokin Void Build Guide Damage 2.0

December 3, 2013

Updated as of 11.5.1

The Orokin Void can be among the most challenging missions in Warframe, because you face a variety of units from each faction. There are only 6 enemies in the Orokin Void:

Corrupted Lancer – Armor
Corrupted Crewman – Flesh, Shields
Orokin Drone – Robotic, Adds shields to everyone else.
Corrupted Heavy Gunner – Armor
Corrupted MOA – Robotic, Shields
Corrupted Ancient (healer type) – Infested

Because of the Drones, most of the targets you shoot at will have shields. This means that taking a weapon which cannot deal well with shields is a poor choice. If you can only fit one elemental mod, I recommend using Cold for this reason. If you can fit two elemental mods, use Corrosive or Magnetic. Magnetic is better against shields, but Corrosive is better against Heavy Gunners and Ancients. If you can fit 3 elementals, go for Corrosive (Electric + Toxin) and Cold. Cold takes out the shields, and Corrosive is the best against the Heavy Gunners and Ancients.

Puncture is probably the best option for physical damage. Heavy gunners are perhaps the tankiest enemy you face in the Void, so being able to deal with them is important. Because of the wide variety of enemy types, balanced weapons such as the Grakata, the Hind, the Brakk, and the Braton are also good. Since damage 2.0, physical damage types just don’t matter that much. Just pick a weapon you like with high base damage and you’ll be fine.

Mod priority:
1: Base damage.
2: Cold elemental damage – Cryo Rounds
3: Multishot: Lethal Torrent, Barrel Diffusion, Split Chamber, Hell’s Chamber.
4: Corrosive elemental damage: Electric + toxic.
5: Crit build: If your weapon has a large crit percent, add a crit build here.
6: Corrupted damage: Heavy Caliber is worth it, Vicious Spread might be depending on how many polarity slots you have, Magnum Force is not.
7: Reload or fire rate mods.

Generally, it is better to have a few mods all the way up than more mods at low levels. If you don’t have all the mods in the build, have used forma, or don’t have the mods ranked all the way up, you can use the “Other mods” to fill out the build.

Sample Builds: (mods all the way up, unless noted otherwise)
Hind – Serration, Split chamber, Cryo Rounds, Stormbringer, Wildfire.
Other mods: Shred, Speed trigger, Fast hands, Hellfire.

Sweeper – Blaze (placed last), Point Blank, Chilling Grasp, Charged Shell, Hell’s chamber, Tactical pump, Shotgun spazz.

Bolto – Hornet Strike, Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Convulsion, ice storm, Deep freeze (rank 4).
Other mods: Stunning Speed, Heated charge, Trick mag, quickdraw.
Note: You can also use this build for the Akbolto, Kunai, Despair, and Hikou. You will be able to rank deep freeze all the way up and have some points left over because of the two V polarities.

Dual Zoren – Fury, pressure point, North wind (polarity), Berzerker, Organ shatter, true steel.
Other mods: Fever Strike + focus energy, spoiled strike, jagged edge.
Note: This is not a charge build, unlike many melee builds. Charge builds are no longer necessary, since serrated blade does not exist anymore and armor ignore is not the only thing that matters. This build is designed to kill Corrupted Ancients, although it should be reasonably good against all enemies. Although Moas take reduced damage from slash, they take bonus damage from magnetic, so it balances out. You can drop shocking touch if you take out the shields with another weapon, or if you are fighting infested.

N00b builds
These builds don’t use potatoes and don’t use any rare mods or mods over rank 4.
Ranged: Base Damage, (Cold or Toxic), Electrical, reload speed.
Melee: Fury, Pressure Point, Cold, Electric (Focus energy is better than Shocking Touch). If you have Fever strike, use that and Focus Energy to get Corrosive.

Build guide for Corpus.
Build guide for Grineer.
Build guide for Infested, which includes Orokin Derelicts.

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  1. endlesstirade permalink
    January 23, 2015 1:49 pm

    Your Warframe coverage has been invaluable to my game progress and overall enjoyment. =)

  2. Random Person permalink
    September 29, 2015 10:54 am

    Thanks, great contribution, since I’ll be farming forma bp


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