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Warframe Infested Build Guide Damage 2.0

November 26, 2013

Current as of Update 11.7.

Against infested, the best physical damage is slash. The best single elemental damage is fire. The best combo elemental damage against light infested is gas, which is fire and toxic. The best combo elemental damage against ancients is corrosive (electric + toxic), which means if you are going to go really high level, you might want to use corrosive so you can take out ancients quickly. You could use an ignis with gas damage to take out the light infested, and using your secondary with corrosive to take out ancients.

Mod priority:
1: Base damage.
2: Fire
3: Multishot: Lethal Torrent, Barrel Diffusion, Split Chamber, Hell’s Chamber.
4: Replace fire with lightning and toxic to produce corrosive. If you have enough points, use fire as well.
5: Crit build: If your weapon has a large crit percent, add a crit build here.
6: Corrupted damage: Heavy Caliber is worth it for some weapons, Vicious Spread might be depending on how many polarity slots you have, Magnum Force is not.
7: Bane mods: Bane of Infested, Expel Infested, etc.
8: Reload or fire rate mods.

Generally, it is better to have a few mods all the way up than more mods at low levels. If you don’t have all the mods in the build, have used forma, or don’t have the mods ranked all the way up, you can use the “Other mods” to fill out the build.

Sample Builds: (mods all the way up, unless noted otherwise)
Soma – Serration, Hellfire, Wildfire, Split chamber, point strike, vital sense.
Other mods: Shred, speed trigger, fast hands, magazine warp.

Ignis – Serration, hellfire/wildfire, Split chamber, Heavy Caliber as high as you can get it.
Other mods: Firestorm, Infected clip, bane of infested, Fast hands.

Sobek or Strun – Blaze, Point Blank, Incendiary Coat, Hell’s chamber, Tactical Pump (because magazine is so small, increasing reload is highly valuable).
Other mods: Cleanse Infested, Seeking force, Contageous Spread.

Vasto/Dual Vastos – Heated Charge, Hornet Strike (use V polarity), Lethal Torrent, Barrel Diffusion.
Other mods: Quickdraw, pathogen rounds, Convulsion.

Orthos – Molten impact, Fury, Pressure Point, jagged Edge.
Other mods: Fever Strike, Focus Energy, Smite Infested, Reach.

N00b builds
These builds don’t use potatoes and don’t use any rare/Nightmare/Corrupted mods or mods over rank 4.
Ranged: Base Damage (pick a slash or balanced weapon), Fire damage, fire rate/reload.
Melee: Pressure Point, Fury, Molten impact (as high as you can get it) or Reflex coil if you can’t fit molten impact. You really can’t go wrong by increasing your swing speed or base damage with a melee weapon, no matter what faction you are fighting.

Build guide for Corpus.
Build guide for Grineer.
Orokin Void build guide.


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