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Warframe Corpus Build Guide Damage 2.0

November 25, 2013

Current as of Update 11.7

Moas count as “Robotic” enemies for damage, and Crewmen count as flesh. However, many Corpus have shields, which means that impact is the best type of phyical damage. Although puncture is good against Robots, it is poor against shields, which all robots have, so impact wins out. The best elemental damage is magnetic due to its +75% bonus against all shields.

If you don’t have the mod, just go to the next one and add that instead. It is better to have a few mods all the way up than more mods at low levels.

Mod priority:
1: Base damage.
2. Cold
3: Get magnetic damage by adding freeze and electric. For unpotatoed weapons, the build may very well end here. For melee weapons, if you have focus energy, put it on. Secondary weapons can use ice storm in addition to Cryo rounds.
2: Multishot: Lethal Torrent, Barrel Diffusion, Split Chamber, Hell’s Chamber.
5: Corrupted damage: Heavy Caliber is worth it, Vicious Spread might be depending on how many polarity slots you have, Magnum Force is not.
6: Impact: If your weapon is primarily impact damage, add a impact mod.
7: Crit build: If your weapon has a large crit percent, add a crit build here.
8: Bane mods: Bane of Corpus, Expel Corpus, etc.
9: If you still have points left, use a reload or fire rate mod.

Sample Builds: (mods all the way up, unless noted otherwise)
Synapse – Serration, Point strike (rank 3), Vital sense, Cryo Rounds, Stormbringer, heavy caliber (rank 6).
Other mods: Split Chamber, Hammer shot, Fast hands, magazine warp.
Note: This is a very unusual build because of the extremely high crit chance. Hammer Shot actually produces more damage per mod point than Split Chamber! Swap out cryo rounds for Infected Clip for a Grineer killing powerhouse.

Hind – Serration, Split Chamber, Stormbringer, Cryo Rounds, Heavy Caliber, Speed trigger.
Other mods: Bane of Corpus Fast hands, Shred, magazine warp.

Strun – Charged Shell, Chilling Grasp, Point Blank, Blaze (placed in slot 8), Hell’s Chamber, Cleanse Corpus, remaining points in Tactical Pump.
Other mods: Shotgun Spazz, Ammo Stock, Disruptor.
Note this build can also be used for the Sweeper Sentinel weapon.

Twin Vipers – Hornet Strike, Convulsion (use – polarity), Deep freeze, Barrel Diffusion, Ice Storm, Lethal Torrent.
Other mods: Pistol Gambit and Target Cracker, Expel Corpus, Quickdraw.

Kestrel – Focus Energy, Killing Blow (Use V polarity), North Wind, Shocking Touch (Use – polarity), Whirlwind, Rending Strike (for charge damage), Reflex Coil
Other mods: Smite Corpus, fury, Heavy Trauma.
For close range melee weapons, replace Whirlwind with Fury and consider adding pressure point.

N00b builds
These builds don’t use potatoes and don’t use any rare mods or mods over rank 4.
Ranged: Base Damage, Electrical, Cold, reload speed or other fire rate mod.
Melee: Fury, Pressure Point, Electric, Cold.

Build Guide for Grineer.
Build Guide for Infested.
Orokin Void build guide.


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