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Thoughts on Warframe Damage 2.0

November 22, 2013

This post is as of Update 11.3. I do not intend to update it for new damage changes. My build guides are continually updated though, see the links at the bottom.

The panoply of damages in Damage 1.0 have been replaced by 3 physical, 4 basic elemental and 6 elemental combo damages. Impact is good against shields, Puncture is good against armor, and slashing is good against health.

As for elemental, fire is still good against infested, electric is still good against corpus, and cold is still good against shields, but magnetic looks better. If you can get corrosive (toxic + electric) that looks like the best anti-armor element. Without an explicit toxic mod however, that means you’re stuck using the torrid and acrid. However, it should be easy to get this element type on the dual ichor and mire melee weapons thanks to the focus energy dual mod.

While people are complaining that Damage 2.0 is more complex than Damage 1.0, that’s only because a) they don’t understand just how complex the old system actually was and b.) You can’t just use a rainbow build Soma/Acrid/Galatine for every single mission and enemy type anymore. You actually have to change your build and loadout for different enemies.

warframe damage 20 cheatsheet

Damage 2 combined elements

Weapon loadouts
Infested – Maximize slash, fire, gas, and corrosive (for ancients)
Primary: Sobek, Strun Wraith, Strun, gorgon, Grakata
Secondary: Bronco, Vipers
Melee: Fragor, furax, kestrel, Kogake
Sentinel: Sweeper

Corpus – Maximize magnetic, and impact.
Primary: Synapse, Sobek, Strun Wraith, Strun, gorgon, Grakata
Secondary: Bronco, Vipers
Melee: Lecta, Amphis, Fragor, furax, kestrel, Kogake
Sentinel: Sweeper

Grineer – Maximize puncture and viral (radiation for bosses/heavies).
Primary: Latron Prime, boltor, Hek, Paris, Paris prime, snipetron (+vandal), supra
Secondary: balistica, despair, kunai, bolto/akbolto, furis/afuris
Melee: fang, fang prime, jaw sword
Sentinel: Stinger, burst laser

Jack of all Trades weapons: Hind, Braton, Twin Gremlins, Brakk.

One thing that clearly strikes me is that each faction will need its own unique weapon loadout instead of just changing mods. Weapon slots are at a premium, so if you don’t have at least 12, I would recommend buying more.

If you want to know how to mod your weapons, check out my build guides.
Build Guide for Grineer.
Build Guide for Infested.
Build Guide for Corpus
Orokin Void build guide.

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