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Smaller Government means less Military, Health Care, or Social Security

October 16, 2013


If you want smaller government, than you want less military, smaller pensions, or less government intervention in health care. The broad category of welfare is in fourth place, but removing all welfare three times over still wouldn’t close the federal deficit. Foreign aid is around 1% of the budget. Furthermore, tracking down and eliminating waste isn’t costless, so generally such programs are net losers for the budget.

It would not be easy to balance the budget without serious cuts. If Congress cut the military back to the per-capita size of Britain’s military and eliminated all health care laws, that would just about do it. Entirely eliminating Social Security, Medicare and all federal welfare programs would also do the job.

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  1. October 18, 2013 3:08 pm

    Easy to do but not easy to do and, have any chance of being elected.
    1. Cut defense spending in half.
    2. Give all retired SS recipients only $700/month. (or replace all unemployment, SS, TANF, SNAP, Housing progs. SSDI payments with a $150/week check to each adult citizen.)
    3. Have medicare refuse to pay for low value care and squeeze providers more. Combine Medicare, Medicaid and Gov. emps. health insurance for more pricing power.
    4. Close Dpts.: Ag, com., edu, energy.

    Easy. HAHAHA

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