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Warframe Fire Rate Mods

August 2, 2013

There are three mods in Warframe which increase your ability to take bullets in your inventory and put them into enemies faster: magazine capacity, fire rate, and reload speed.

Magazine size / Fire rate = time to empty
Time to empty + time to reload = total cycle time
Damage x bullets in magazine = Damage per cycle
damage per cycle / Total cycle time = damage per second.

Magazine capacity increases both cycle time and damage per cycle since it increases the time it takes to empty the magazine. Make sure you pay attention to rounding for magazine size. Sometimes adding more points to a mod won’t actually raise the number of bullets in a clip. Check the wiki: Primary, secondary, shotguns.

Generally, the larger the magazine and the slower the rate of fire, the better bonus you will get from a fire rate mod. Likewise, the longer the reload speed relative to how long it takes to empty the magazine, the more important a reload speed mod is. So, if most of the cycle is taken up firing, such as with the Burston, use a fire rate mod. If most of the cycle is taken up by the time spent reloading, use a reload speed mod first, like with the Broncos or Vipers. Notice that mods build on each other and you can’t just add up the additional percents to get the total benefit.

Weapons with very long reload times can benefit from a reload mod, because getting staggered, opening a locker, or doing some of the acrobatics can restart the reload timer, which can result in having to reload several times. Although reload mods look underpowered in these charts remember two things. First, reload mods are cheaper than the fire rate mod and you might reload half way through the magazine. The numbers assume you empty the full magazine every time. If you compulsively reload after every enemy, the reload speed mod is your friend.

All of these mods reduce the time it takes to run out of ammo. In missions where you find yourself running out of ammo more quickly than you’d like, it might be worthwhile to use more elemental or crit mods instead.

Primary Weapons
Primary weapons have the worst fire rate mods of the 3 mod types, topping out at 30% magazine size, 60% fire rate, and 30% reload speed. Magazine warp costs 9 mod points for a measly 30% clip capacity.

Increase in Damage from Fire rate mods on Primary Weapons
primary fire rate

Shotguns have the best fire rate mods out of all the weapon types, with 90% fire rate, 60% ammo capacity, and 30% reload speed.

Shotgun mod analysis

Secondary Weapons
Secondary fire rate mods are somewhere between primary and shotgun mods in effectiveness. Pay close attention to the wide variety of bonuses for the various mods. Some weapons benefit a lot from fire rate (kunai), some from magazine size (broncos), and some from reload (twin vipers).

secondary fire rate

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  1. Ollie Y. Barber permalink
    August 19, 2013 9:53 pm

    I’d think reload speed would make it faster to recover from firing to be ready to pull the bow back, and fire rate would help with how long it takes to draw the bow. But, I haven’t been able to notice any difference in either.

    • August 28, 2013 3:22 pm

      Reload and fire rate improve the speed of bows firing. Fire rate seems to be the better mod for increasing total rate of fire, since you spend far longer drawing the bow back than grabbing a new arrow. Overall, bows have terrible DPS and should instead be used for stealth missions and sniping instead of dealing with hordes where DPS maximization is the goal.

  2. Get Smart permalink
    August 27, 2013 8:18 pm

    Fire rate isn’t a straight DPS boost, though, isn’t it? Factoring in magazine size and reload speed, as well as minor things like ammo consumption and all.

    • August 28, 2013 3:26 pm

      I calculated improved DPS by taking the (bullet damage) x (magazine size) to get total damage per magazine. Then I took (magazine size) / (fire rate) + (reload speed) to get the total time it takes to do one cycle of emptying the magazine and then reloading a fresh magazine. The total damage per clip divided by time to empty the magazine and reload gives you DPS. So, while fire rate does improve DPS, it also reduces ammo efficiency relative to a damage or elemental mod. Every time you add fire rate or reload speed, you are reducing the time you have before you run out of ammo. For the latron, this doesn’t matter one bit. For the twin vipers, it can be a big deal. That’s why I don’t recommend any fire rate mods for the twin vipers other than reload speed.


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