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Assorted Links

May 9, 2013

1. Reasons for optimism.

2. On effective teaching. HT: Marginal Revolution
If that’s not enough for you, here’s an hour and a half video on classroom flipping from KPC.

3. Why is Communist iconography cool? As someone who thinks genocide is the ultimate evil, it’s a critical question to find why mass murderer worship is so appealing to some.

4. McArdle on the Oregon Health Study. Chait being Straussian?
Update: From another discussion, “If, on the other hand, we wish to consider non-statistically-significant effects, then we ought to conclude that the net effects were unattractive, mostly because coverage induced smoking, which more than offset the risk-adjusted physical health benefits provided by the incremental utilization of health services.” So basically, given coverage, a few people decided to smoke more, which negated the effects of health coverage. Offsetting behavior.

5. Tiger moming doesn’t work. Nature: 1, nurture: -1.

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