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Assorted Links

October 26, 2012

1. Brains and Brawn. Best video I’ve seen in a long time. It’s mostly about human evolution.

2. Greece is falling apart. This is truly frightening. I’ve always said that the worst case scenario for Europe is not a few banks going out of business as the ruling elites seem to think. It’s the collapse of the democracy and liberal institutions which made Europe great. The Euro is not worth war. The Eurozone is not worth war. Greece is worth more than the Deutsche Bank. The ECB needs to get its priorities straight.

3. This land is mine. An animated history of Palistine. I don’t see how anyone can call that blood soaked land “holy” with a straight face.

4. Tyrannosaurus ripping the head off of a triceratops. Dinosaurs are cool!

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