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Assorted Links

July 12, 2012

1. Straussian Breaking points. How bad can the ECB policy get before it triggers revolution? The worst case scenario in the Euro crisis is not the loss of the Euro currency or a few governments defaulting – it’s the collapse of democracy and/or war.

2. Nicotine vaccination. Very promising stuff.

3. One of the greatest problems with modern economic policy is that it is so complex, people don’t know how hard they’re being %*&#ed.
Hint: Very. Hard.

4. Compensating differentials. Of course employers ask you to do things you’d rather not – that’s why they pay you. The sexual harassment thing is a red herring. Firms don’t benefit from it any more than employees do; that’s why firms spend so much effort trying to stamp it out. Regulation can’t increase worker’s bargaining power. If anything, it’ll make it worse by making it harder for firms to hire workers, and thus increase worker’s competition for jobs.

5. Posner on Patents

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