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February 28, 2012

I have, over the last decade or so, become less involved in Christianity. Christianity, in general, has fallen away from the teachings of Jesus, and often seems more motivated by hate than love and prudence. Religion is mostly a moral system, and if I cannot accept the moral conclusions of a religion, I do not think I should claim to be a member. However, I will keep the rituals I find meaningful. Last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, which reminds Christians of their mortality “ash to ash”, and marks the beginning of Lent. I like the self-imposed discipline of giving things up. It gives me a sense of control that if I had to do something, I could, because I’ve practiced letting things go.

This Lent, I have decided to give up blogs. I will still write articles, but I will not read them. Blogs were once very novel and engaging, but I’ve fallen into a pattern of skimming them just to get through my q. Once interesting sites are becoming predicatable and repetitive. I have attention deficit, and I have always been easily distractable, but the phenomenon of blogs turbocharges that impulse. In an instant, I can find a new article about a new topic. I zip from page to page, never focusing on any one thing long enuf to really engage with it. Hopefully this restriction will calm my mind a bit.

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