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RIP Google Reader

November 1, 2011

“Since March 18, 2010 you have read a total of 44,553 items.”

Everything in life is transatory. Eventually everything comes to an end, both good and bad. Still, Google Reader had a profound impact on my life and it’s sad to see it go. Perhaps I’ll do more “Assorted Links”, but probably not, since I won’t have friend feeds to draw material from.

Update: Google is finally killing it for good. Not even a crippled version will remain. Hopefully I can convince all my RSS buddies to switch to “The Old Reader” and get to sharing some articles.

More here, here and here.
Tyler agrees.
Potential replacement here.
Reddit thread on the subject.
Hacker News discussion on replacements.

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  1. November 1, 2011 4:51 pm

    They want you to share in Google+ instead. Which wouldn’t be that bad, IF THEY RELEASED A FULL FEATURED API so that I had the choice to use third-party apps to interact with my Google+ profile >_<

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