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May 20, 2011

Lately, the world has me down a bit, what with all the injustice, etc.  Our age is a very fortunate one.  We do not have the sorts of death and destruction of previous ages, and yet, the task of a reformer is never done.   I tend to lean libertarian, and so view the world in a different way than most reformers.  I would like to go through some of the policy proposals that libertarians are generally in favor of, which have the best supporting evidence and would likely do the most good in the world.

1.  The Drug War

2. The Minimum Wage

3. Education Reform

There are some other issues, most notably the problems with the Military Industrial Complex, which libertarians also care a great deal about, but which are recognized by other political factions, such as mainstream liberals (tho not progressives as much).  Prior to the election of Barack Obama, Democrats expressed an interest in scaling down the Iraq War.  Now that Obama is leading the war, they are just as bloodthirsty, if not more so, than their Republican predecessors.   I underestimated the amount of raw partisanship in the American people, as most Democrats now support various wars in the Middle East.  I don’t think that economics has much to add to the general philosophy of pacifism, so I will leave that for others.

On the three issues listed above, the economic way of thinking has much to add to the public policy debate.  I don’t know how much good a few more articles will do, but perhaps my efforts may contribute to a better future for the oppressed of the world.

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